Hydronic Heating

The ultimate in heating. No noisy fans, no cold draughts, no circulating dust and no big energy bills!

Heat originates from a central boiler, usually fuelled by Natural Gas, and is pumped through a network of pipework plumbed throughout the home our hotel. A central Hydronic heating system uses radiators installed throughout the building to radiate heat from the circulating water into the room.

Radiation & natural convection combine to produce a very impressive heating system, the high performance and ability to provide uniform temperatures at the lowest possible relative humidity will impress.

There is a wide range of radiators available including designer series hydronic radiators and hydronic heated towel rails.



document-pdf Hunt Heating Hydronic Comfort

document-pdf DeLonghi Hydronic Radiator Panels

document-pdf Immergas High Efficiency Gas Boiler

document-pdf DeLonghi Hydronic Towel Rails

document-pdf Honeywell Hydronic Thermostat

Hydronic Heating Installation